my cat gucci


Hi everyone, this is the first blog. Kindly excuse my grammatical errors as I’m not much of a writer. Anyways I’m going to post about what goes around me and also about me going around them, such cute things. Also I would love to share interesting day to day happenings about my cats. They are the 3 musketeers, each with their unique characteristics, extremely naughty and they just can’t wait for me to take out my bag of yarn. God knows what’s with cats and yarn. You will get to know them soon along with their cutest photos.

About my crochet experience,  I started before 2 years but I didn’t have much time to make many stuff. Even now, I have very little time  beside my usual schedule of managing work and home, I’m just going on and on with crochet. It’s kinda becoming an addiction. Recently I began selling my finished projects (products) to my friends and relatives which is kinda cool, I’m getting this feeling of satisfaction when they appreciate the quality of what I’ve made.

This is it for today, and many thanks for those who have liked my introduction. you guys are my pillars!!!!


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