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Independent... Working as a yoga teacher for kids... Multitasking as an ICT in the same school... Spending time alone with my crochet skill is my all time favorite.

Simple baby dress

Hi everyone….
This is not the usual me and i never go for a bigger project as I’m really busy on all weekdays and also on the weekend taking yoga lessons.
I wanted to gift a dress to my lovely beautiful niece, so picked this simple pattern. I have seen so many patterns like this online so decided to start with the easiest. I literally created this but to tell the truth it looks like so many of them have already found this kind of pattern.
But I’m happy with what I got, it took a week with my tight schedule but I managed to complete the piece and made it look decent.
I’m planning to do some variations and corrections. If everything falls in place I will share the pattern.



Flower Power

I made this beautiful pink crochet Earrings from a coaster pattern.
I used 2mm hooks and 2ply crochet threads.
The earring was not sturdy so i had used spray stiffener and ironed it.
I spend just an hour and a half to complete this earrings.


Happy New Year 2015

Hi all, hope everyone’s doing great today. The past year was a tremendous one for me because I’ve been hearing positive things around me and I’m feeling wonderful. Listening to various people and still holding yourself is something which really needs a lot of effort. Well you know what I mean, the old saying goes like not all the fingers on our hands are the same size so are people they all are different. But I have made my decision that I’m going to be positive and send positivity to all around me, it’s not easy but I’m going to follow it. Wishing all a healthy and prosperous New Year 2015.
Talking about positivity, well here comes the 3 naughty musketeers(my cats) draining my energy down at the same time pumping my happiness to a 100%. I had a night fighting with my Gucci trying to save a ball of yarn, very well it was a success. And I made a beautiful clutch with the same yarn I saved from him.
I started saving patterns of crochet at the beginning stage while I was learning so I genuinely don’t know from which blog I have taken any of it from.
For the crochet clutch I’ve used that emerald green silky thick yarn which I saved from my cat, I found that yarn in a local fancy store and they didn’t have a name or any tag on it so I’m not sure about how they call it generally. I used size 5mm hook and started with 33 chains and single crochet(sc) grid stitch, in the end for making the clutch closing part I used shell stitch. It was really easy and quick. You can make in several colour and use it for yourself or gift it, it’s really handy, and it looks simple . I think I’m going to make it in various types of yarn and also make a little bit of changes to the stitches and the size. Around my place I don’t get good yarn they are synthetics and not even, so I make my stuff using what I have.

crochet clutch