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Simple baby dress

Hi everyone….
This is not the usual me and i never go for a bigger project as I’m really busy on all weekdays and also on the weekend taking yoga lessons.
I wanted to gift a dress to my lovely beautiful niece, so picked this simple pattern. I have seen so many patterns like this online so decided to start with the easiest. I literally created this but to tell the truth it looks like so many of them have already found this kind of pattern.
But I’m happy with what I got, it took a week with my tight schedule but I managed to complete the piece and made it look decent.
I’m planning to do some variations and corrections. If everything falls in place I will share the pattern.



Flower Power

I made this beautiful pink crochet Earrings from a coaster pattern.
I used 2mm hooks and 2ply crochet threads.
The earring was not sturdy so i had used spray stiffener and ironed it.
I spend just an hour and a half to complete this earrings.